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11/2009 RVCC Launches New Website

River Valley Counseling Center (RVCC) is pleased to announce its newly designed website:  The website features information about the services and programs provided by RVCC.  It also features CONCERN/EAP, a program of RVCC that provides high quality, low cost and comprehensive employee assistance programs to businesses and organizations in the Pioneer Valley region. One of the largest customers CONCERN/EAP has is the City of Holyoke. The program promotes a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. CONCERN/EAP may also be accessed via its own website address: where continually updated information, program announcements and special offerings are listed.

CONCERN/EAP views its client-geared internet offerings as supplemental.  The site is intended to be an additional source of information pertaining to over 50 health & wellness topics, and a host of issues commonly faced by people in personal and professional areas of their life.  It also provides information about the services provided by CONCERN/EAP and how to access these services.    This website, however, in no way serves as a substitute for the personal service that distinguishes CONCERN/EAP from area employee assistance programs.   Employees are always encouraged to contact CONCERN/EAP if they are in need of personal assistance or would like to schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor.  

“Our program is both an appreciated and well-utilized employee benefit, and a valuable management resource.  It provides convenient and barrier-free access to professional services when an employee and/or employee household family member are experiencing a personal problem,” states its Director, Valerie Longworth. Individuals and families receive counseling and referral services for assistance with life challenges such as relationship problems, grief and loss, parenting issues, work-related stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and many other issues.  In addition, CONCERN/EAP provides support services to managers and/or supervisors who are confronted with an employee problem at the workplace by offering an effective corrective action plan.  The implementation of a credible Employee Assistance Program assures that no employee or employer can say, “I didn’t know what to do or who to call.” states Longworth.

When an employee who has been known to be capable of performing well begins to show changes in their mood and behavior, job performance, productivity, or attendance, there is a very high probability that the employee is experiencing a personal problem.  Employees who utilize the services of CONCERN/EAP are able to resolve the problem they have encountered or cope with it more effectively. People are not always, however, aware that their problems are impacting the workplace, and sometimes have difficulty asking for help.  CONCERN/EAP provides training in skills of early intervention to supervisors and managers so that they are alert to changes in personnel under their supervision.   This ensures that supervisors and manag ers have the skills necessary to identify a troubled employee and facilitate an EAP referral.

Business owners need to consider the health and well-being of their employees.  If employees are not functioning at their full capacity, for any reason, the productivity of the business is affected.  Not knowing where to turn for help when a difficult situation arises is common. This may compound the employee’s problem and result in costly “employee downtime.”  CONCERN/EAP offers employees and involved management personnel convenient professional intervention at the earliest point of problem recognition, which may decrease downtime dramatically. 

CONCERN/EAP’s clinical counselors are credentialed, highly trained, and experienced.  Each counselor has areas of clinical specialty and together they cover the full range of mental health, substance abuse and family life problems. Appointments are generally scheduled within a few days of the call.  All appointments are scheduled at an hour convenient to the client’s work and personal schedule. Employees utilizing employee assistance services should know that services are completely confidential and are free to them and their household family members.  Businesses that contract with CONCERN/EAP are charged a flat fee based on the number of employees the organization employs. 

In addition to counseling services and assistance with difficult personnel issues,
CONCERN/EAP offers specialized trainings programs on workplace issues such as Stress Management, Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees & Supervisors, Successfully Coping with Change, Workplace Violence Prevention, and The Role of the Supervisor/Manager in a Drug-Free Workplace.  These trainings can be tailored to the employer’s needs.  Trainings can also be designed at the employer’s request if the training need is within the area of EAP expertise.

Employees and their household family members also have access to additional EAP services such as personal information and referral services, assistance with financial stressors, and legal consultation. 

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