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CONCERN/EAP Is a High Quality Employee Benefit,
a Management Resource and an Exceptional Value

CONCERN/EAP(employee assistance program) is a program of River Valley Counseling Center, Inc., a non-profit agency that has been providing behavioral health services in the greater Holyoke/Springfield/Chicopee area since 1953.  CONCERN/EAP was established at Holyoke Medical Center in 1985 and immediately began contracting with private and public employers in the area.  CONCERN/EAP’s continuing mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive and personal employee assistance program services to businesses and organizations in the Pioneer Valley region. 

Personalized Service

 CONCERN/EAP has established a strong history of employee and company satisfaction.  Current trends in the EAP industry include an over reliance on an abundance of Internet “self-help”, wellness coupons, and telephonic counseling.  This is more cost-effective for employee assistance programs and creates the illusion of added value.  CONCERN/EAP has proudly resisted this trend.  Our educational Internet offerings are an additional tool that many of our clients enjoy, however, it is not provided as a substitute for individualized support and assistance. CONCERN/EAP is highly responsive to the needs of its clients and client companies while also continuing to provide the personal services that are essential when providing the very best in employee assistance programs.  Face-to-face counseling for individuals and families, individual assistance for clients requesting information or resources, EAP visibility within the client company site, and professional training programs that are developed or tailored upon your request,  all continue to be core services that are valued by our clients.

CONCERN/EAP is a local program that is staffed by highly qualified counselors who know the community and are aware of its strengths, day-to-day resources, and challenges.  When an employee calls CONCERN/EAP, they will speak with a counselor from this community, rather than be presented with the possibility of speaking with a counselor from another region or state, as is likely with national employee assistance programs.

How Can We Help You?

We are interested in learning about how CONCERN/EAP can best meet your employees' needs and help to alleviate challenges that are unique to your organization.  If you have a need for the very best in employee assistance services, pleases call our Program Director, Valerie Bourdon, at 534.2793 or by email at