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Health Tip: Prepare a Nutritious Smoothie

HealthDay News
Updated: Mar 12th 2018

(HealthDay News) -- While a smoothie can be a nutritious alternative to a regular meal, many smoothies are loaded with sugar and lack sufficient protein.

The American Council on Exercise suggests how to make a smoothie that's more nutritious:

  • Start with a heaping portion of romaine, chard, kale, parsley, mint or any other green leafy vegetable.
  • Add fruit to sweeten the smoothie instead of added sugar. But ensure that the mix of greens is twice as much as fruit to keep calories down.
  • Add protein in the form of protein powder, non-fat milk, Greek yogurt, nuts, nut butter or hemp seeds.
  • Add a liquid to make it easier to blend, such as coconut water, water or unsweetened nut milk.