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The Top 5 Veggies to Add to Your Diet - 2019-05-20
"A research study set out to rank the best "powerhouse" vegetables (and fruits) -- those most strongly associated with reducing the risk for chronic diseases." More

The Best Exercises for Brain Health - 2019-05-20
"There's a lot you can learn from your elders, starting with the results of a multi-year study of exercise and brain health in seniors." More

1 in 5 Kids Don't Strap on Helmets Before Biking - 2019-05-20
"Many American kids don't don helmets when biking, skateboarding and riding scooters, a troubling new poll finds." More

Heavy Teen Boys May Face Higher Heart Disease Risk as Adults - 2019-05-20
"Just a few extra pounds during adolescence may translate into higher odds for heart disease in adulthood, a new study of young men suggests." More

Crash Risk Much Higher for Teen Drivers With ADHD - 2019-05-20
"Parents often fret when their teen drivers get behind the wheel, but parents of teens with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may now have added worries." More

Swallowed Batteries Should Be Removed to Avoid Stomach Damage: Study - 2019-05-18
"Doctors might want to be more aggressive about treating children who swallow a button battery and appear to be out of danger, a preliminary study suggests." More

For Women With HIV, Daily Life Can Impede Fight Against Virus - 2019-05-17
"Day-to-day struggles prevent many American women with HIV from taking medicines to suppress the AIDS-causing virus, a new study shows." More

When E-Cig Makers Offer Promotional Items, More Teens Likely to Vape - 2019-05-17
"Coupons, samples, branded hats and T-shirts: When teens use or wear promotional items from companies that make alternative tobacco products like electronic cigarettes, they are more likely to try those products, new research shows." More

Suicides Increase Among U.S. Kids, But More in Girls Than Boys - 2019-05-17
"Suicide rates are on the rise among American children, but the increase is greatest among girls, a new study finds." More

Sugary Drinks and Fruit Juice May Increase Risk of Early Death - 2019-05-17
"Most folks know that sugary drinks aren't healthy, but a new study finds fruit juices are not much better." More

Health Tip: Physical Milestones at Age One - 2019-05-17
"Clues about your child's physical development can be found in the way the child moves and plays, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." More

What to Do When Your Child Throws a Fit - 2019-05-17
"You know the scenario -- your child has a meltdown, leaving you frustrated, embarrassed and arguing even though your brain says it's a battle you're not likely to win." More

Essentials for Growing Tasty Herbs on Your Windowsill - 2019-05-17
"Whether you have a dedicated space in an outdoor garden or just a few buckets on a small patio, there's nothing quite like having your own herb garden for giving your cooking fresh flavor boosts." More

Many Elite Athletes Ashamed to Seek Help for Mental Illness - 2019-05-17
"Athletes are supposed to be strong and self-assured, so many don't seek help for mental health issues, a new study finds." More

Could Hypnotherapy Be Alternative to Opioids for Pain? - 2019-05-17
"Hypnosis might sound like a magic trick to some, but the therapy can be an effective pain reliever, a new review shows." More

1809 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)