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Drug Addiction
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Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center
The Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center (ISAIC) was established as a special service of the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Its mission is to support education, prevention, and treatment efforts in Iowa through timely access to accurate information concerning substance abuse, gambling, and related topics. ISAIC processes over 1,500 requests for information each month, and welcomes all inquiries.

Project GHB Inc
Project GHB
This began as a family's story of the loss of her son to GHB. Eventually they developed a nonprofit organization in the UK. Their mission is to help parents, teachers, friends & other loved ones recognize use of these drugs (in addition to GHB, they cover ecstasy, ketamine, xyrem, prescription & OTC drugs). The site is thorough and yet understandable with a very personal touch/focus.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists 'Help is at Hand' Leaflet Series - Alcohol & Drugs
Royal College of Physicians
The Royal College of Psychiatrists' 'Help is at Hand' Series. The first leaflet was published seven years ago and the topics covered are continually expanding. Over four million leaflets have now been produced by the College.

The Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Prevention Network
The Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Prevention Network (Drugnet)
Drugnet is a comprehensive drug and alcohol information and resource site. Features include a searchable addiction links database, addiction document database, WWW database search engine, award-winning addiction links page, chatroom, message boards, online Drug and Alcohol assessment, support for drug abuse researchers, newsletter, and much more.

Dual Recovery Anonymous 12-Step Program
Dual Recovery Anonymous
This site is very comprehensive, containing 21 pages. Their home page and Preamble page explain DRA's purposes, values and philosphy. Additional pages describe their 12 steps; their 12 traditions; answers frequently asked questions; describes their meetings. This is a very good web site, easy to navigate, offering many services to the indiidual seeking support in their recovery, with many unique, state of the art on-line features.