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Child Development & Parenting: Middle (8-11)
Basic Information
Middle Childhood IntroductionChild Feeding and NutritionChild SleepingChild Hygiene and AppearanceChild Health and Medical IssuesChild SafetyChild EducationChild Discipline and GuidanceDealing with Difficult Childhood IssuesMiddle Childhood ConclusionLatest NewsQuestions and AnswersLinksBook Reviews
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Reviewed Child Development & Parenting: Middle (8-11) Videos Links

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Boys & HPV Vaccine
Lee Memorial Health System
In 2006 the HPV vaccine was recommended for young girls. In February of 2012, it was extended to boys. Children between 9 and 12 get the best response to the vaccine and side effects are minimal. In the end, it falls to parents to make a choice for their child.

Limiting Kids Screen Time
Lee Memorial Health System
From tablets, to TVs, even cell phones, the amount of technology available to children is endless. Doctors say the amount of time children spend using that technology should be limited.

Child Development: Stepping Stones - Lesson 19: The School Years: Summary
Coast Learning
A conclusion to the examination of development during the school years.

Child Development: Stepping Stones - Lesson 16: The School Years: Biosocial Development
Coast Learning
A look at the biosocial development that happens during the school years.

Child Development: Stepping Stones - Lesson 17: The School Years: Cognitive Development
Coast Learning
A look at the cognitive development that occurs during the school years.