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Memory Problems
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Dissociative Disorders
Alzheimers Disease and other Cognitive Disorders

Reviewed Memory Problems Videos Links

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Helping Loved Ones with Memory Loss
Lee Memorial Health System
One in eight people suffer from either long term or short term memory loss. As doctors work to treat the patient they have some tips on how loved ones can also help.

If I Had - A Memory Problem Video
Insider Medicine
Memory problems are looked at in this video by Dr. Barry Gordon, MD, Ph.D, who is both a behavioural neurologist and cognitive neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University.  He is a founding member of the Mind/Brain Institute, and directs the Memory Clinic.  He begins by talking about recognizing a memory problem exists and the first steps that can be taken, then he talks about managing the issues and ways to deal with memory problems in daily living activities.

If I Had - A Memory Problem - Dr. Barry Gordon, MD, PhD

What Causes Memory Loss and How to Prevent It
Dr.James Meschino
Learn about memory loss and how to prevent it naturally. Dr. Meschino explains what different types of memory loss are, associated symptoms, causes of memory loss and gives natural prevention methods.

Snoring, breathing problems during sleep linked to memory loss
CBS This Morning
A new study in the journal "Neurology" found that breathing problems like heavy snoring or sleep apnea could be linked to early memory loss and even Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Carol Ash, director of sleep medicine at Meridian Health, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss what snorers need to know.

FDA Warns Statins Increase Blood Sugar and Cause Memory Problems
The FDA has officially linked all statins with cognitive problems like forgetfulness and confusion as well as with a 25% increased risk for an elevated blood sugar level and possible association with type 2 diabetes. Statins are the best selling drugs on the market and are used by 21 million people in the US each year.